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Quick variety for your range

There is great potential for additional turnover and intensive customer retention for bakeries in the form of warm meals and lunchtime snacks, desserts to-go and delicious coffee specialities. You can prepare large and small delicacies in an instant with frischli convenience products. frischli can provide you with milk and cream in a wide range of containers for perfect coffee specialities. Use the diversity of our products for your additional turnover!

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With the high-quality products from frischli, you can supplement your range by much sought-after offerings: whether a hearty casserole to warm up quickly, a fruity dessert to-go or a buttermilk drink – with frischli, everything can be prepared quickly and reliably!

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Always ready-to-use

Quick, easy, failsafe: With the ready-to-serve convenience products from frischli, you can react quickly and efficiently to last-minute fluctuations in demand in your bakery.


Simply safe: Long use-by dates with no need FOR CHILLING

frischli products are produced in a production facility certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and HACCP and guarantee the highest level of product safety, especially due to their long use-by dates with no need for chilling.

frischli products

frischli products – they pay for themselves

Save time and money with the quick and easy preparation of delicious snacks, desserts and drinks and cost them out with attractive margins! The high-quality convenience products from frischli offer you the best conditions for efficient use in your bakery.

Carolina Premium

Delicious and beloved: inspire with ice cream

Extend your range in your bakery business: Carolina Premium is the perfect support for the uncomplicated production of high-quality ice cream! Simply use one of our bases for ice cream production. Perfect for your individual recipes and sure to succeed!

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