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Business Catering

As a professional chef in a company restaurant, you win your guests with a menu full of quality, taste and diversity. At frischli you can find all the products you need for the demands of an industrial kitchen: reliable, ready-to-serve and available in ideal container sizes for efficient handling.

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School Catering

As a professional chef in an educational establishment, you serve diverse, well-balanced meals. Meeting the tastes of the younger generation is just as important as keeping an eye on costs. With amazing, reliable recipe ideas and high-quality products from frischli, you are sure to win over your younger guests, saving time and money in the process.

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Health & Care

Catering in health and care establishments is a challenging task for any professional chef. High-quality convenience products from frischli will help enormously with tight budgets and increasing quality requirements.

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Catering Business & Hotel Industry

As large a service orientation as possible can give professional chefs in the hotel and gastronomy industry an important competitive edge. frischli offers high-quality products with top marks in convenience, quality, appearance and handling so that you can concentrate on what’s important – guest satisfaction.

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Dishes that please the eyes and noses and that are perfect for long periods or transit and sitting out: products from frischli allow you as a professional chef in the catering industry to master this challenge! Our products are convenient and perfect for the efficient preparation of your individual creations.

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Bakery menus can range from cream cakes and warm lunch meals to desserts to-go. frischi supports you with the creation of a diverse menu with a wide range of choice from high-quality dairy products and suitable recipe ideas for your range.

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News & Highlights

From September: Yoghurtcreme Greek Style Blackberries-Gooseberries
Treat your guests to a marvellous Mediterranean experience, which tastes like pure holiday joy: introducing the new delicious seasonal highlight Yoghurtcreme Greek Style for autumn and winter. Try from September on: our limited flavor Blackberry & Gooseberry!

From October: Semolina Porridge
Ideal for a flavourful and beneficial child- and senior-appropriate nutrition. Try from October on: our new product Semolina Porridge!

Available from October: Solid Chef's Cream 20 %
The solid solution for professional chefs!

The one you were looking for: discover our solid Chef’s Cream with 20 % fat and get excited!

From May: Wiesehoff Curd Desserts
Available in four delicious flavours as a 5 kg pail or 85 g cup portion.

Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Melon
Delicious, creamy, summery! Our delicious Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Melon invites your guests to enjoy an irresistable Mediterranean taste experience.

Good to be back: our seasonal dessert classic Pear-Quince-Mascarpone Creme!
Much in demand - now permanently available: Our popular, creamy mascarpone creme with a unique pear-quince hint!